Doctors have warned about the dangers of low-carb diets

Медики предупредили о вреде низкоуглеводных диет

This food can seriously harm your health.

Scientists have conducted studies and have determined what ways to lose weight can cause premature death. According to them, nizkouglevodna diet significantly increases these risks, according to the with reference to the news of Yu.

People go on a diet to promote health, but new research shows, in perspective, the rejection of some products may have a negative impact on human health and even cause premature death.

Staff of the Polish Medical University has recently completed a major scientific work and submitted the report. To conclude, they for six years followed the volunteers, whose number reached 25 thousand, and the average age of participants was 47 years.

As it turned out, the low-carb diet can provoke very serious diseases, including ischemia, cancer, as well as increasing the likelihood of strokes. The testimony of observation during the experiment, participants indicate the likelihood of premature death increases by 32%, and in some cases these figures rise to 51%.

Given the new data, scientists recommend not to exclude completely from the diet of foods such as whole grains, breads and pasta, cheeses from high quality raw materials, nuts and cereals, and dried. This is especially true for the elderly.


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