Doctors have warned about the dangers of quail eggs

Врачи предупредили о вреде перепелиных яиц

Not all people useful quail eggs.

Like any other product, quail eggs should be consumed moderately and with regard to contraindications, according to the with reference to Our mother.

If a person has severe liver or kidney disease, he should not enter into the diet of quail eggs. They have too much protein (around 12-14%) that the digestive system is a problem. If you get too carried away quail eggs, you can not recover from the old, and earn a few new diseases. For example, severe stomach upset can lead eating 5-6 eggs a day for adults and more than 3 child.

In addition, this product contains ovomucoid is a substance is a dangerous allergen that can lead to severe allergic reactions. Especially contraindicated ovomucoid children up to one year. For them, the consumption of quail eggs – even small amounts – can cost health.

Quite often you can hear that raw quail eggs salmonellosis can’t be, because quail high body temperature and bacteria are killed, but it’s not. Quail eggs often are infected with this parasite, so use them raw, absolutely not!

Salmonellosis – an infection that leads to severe poisoning, diarrhoea, vomiting, elevated temperature up to 40 degrees.


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