Doctors have warned of the mortal danger the ice cream

Медики предупредили о смертельной опасности мороженого

Doctors don’t suggest the Ukrainians there is such a dessert

Doctors warn that ice cream can be hazardous to your health. If it melted and froze again, then the sweet dessert will likely be a cold poison, writes the with reference for Today.

One of the biggest risks – thawing street stalls. Often the sellers turn off the refrigerators at night and in the morning re-freeze products. This is very dangerous and can cause intestinal infections, warns nutritionist Lyudmila Goncharova.

“Re-freezing of ice cream is prohibited. Once you defrost the ice cream, it loses all its biological properties. You are not getting any healthy fats or nutrients. When thawing the product to get the bacteria that begin to proliferate,” says the expert.

Experts recommend to choose ice cream in the package and be sure to pay attention to the product.

“First of all, you need to look at the packaging. Sign DSTU means that the ice cream is made according to state standard. It is a guarantee that there is a really high quality product”, – says Yuri Chernobrivets, Director of the Institute of consumer expertise.In addition, experts strongly recommend to look at the expiration date. Smaller it is, the more natural dessert.

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