Doctors paid five times more than nurses

Doctors paid five times more than nurses

Quebec has agreed to pay medical specialists $ 211 per hour if they are reassigned to tasks related to COVID-19, five times the maximum salary of a nurse doing the same job.

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The Federation of Medical Specialists and the government have agreed in recent days on compensation for doctors whose work is affected by the pandemic.

Thus, a specialist reassigned to do epidemiological investigations will earn $ 211 per hour.

These surveys aim to reach patients declared positive in order to trace their contacts and places frequented.

Nurses doing the same job are only entitled to a salary of $ 24 to $ 39 per hour. Specialized nurses are entitled to a little more, but a far cry from the $ 211 per hour.

“For medical specialists, it’s the red carpet. You are almost guaranteed your salary, regardless of the tasks, ”says the president of the Federation of Health and Social Services of the CSN, Jeff Begley.

Doctors paid five times more than nurses

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Jeff Begley. President-FSSS

Two weights, two measures

He recalls that the government refused to give a fixed amount to the rest of the health workers. Last spring, it instead established by decree bonuses of 4% or 8% applicable to salary.

Jeff Begley recalls that negotiations for the renewal of the collective agreement are dragging on, even if François Legault announced yesterday an agreement with the main nurses union, the FIQ.

“It’s two weights, two measures. On reading the letter of understanding, we see that for doctors, there is a lot of consideration, ”he says.

Letter of Understanding 241 provides for a series of scenarios to compensate medical specialists whose work has been turned upside down by the pandemic.

This is the case of several surgeons who will have to reduce their activities by 50% because of the lack of intensive care beds in hospitals.

If a specialist is reassigned to infection prevention, for example, they can still get $ 211 per hour.


Doctors can also be sent to screening clinics, to unusual places of care or to perform medical tasks in CHSLDs.

However, nothing is planned for non-medical tasks in CHSLDs. In April, several went there due to the lack of patient attendants.

Finally, physicians whose activities are canceled must register on a reassignment list to be paid. If they are not reassigned by their establishment, they are entitled to compensation of $ 372 per half-day, or $ 744 per day.

The agreement in brief

  • $ 211 per hour for COVID-19 related tasks
  • $ 253 per hour for work done between 8 p.m. and 8 a.m.
  • The sum of $ 211 is paid to physicians dispatched to screening clinics, epidemiological investigations, but also for medical work in CHSLDs.
  • The amount also covers doctors affected by the drop in their normal activity or the cancellation of their appointments or surgeries.
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