Doctors said the disease can be diagnosed on the hands

Врачи рассказали, какие заболевания можно диагностировать по рукам

Hands are very important for the diagnosis of diseases.

Bruised fingertips and the nail plate can indicate lack of oxygen in the blood and the violation of its circulation. It can be a symptom of cardiovascular disease. If you often notice such a problem, you should go to a cardiologist, according to the with reference to Our mother.

Constantly sweaty palms is one of the first signs of hyperthyroidism that most often affects women. In this case you should check the thyroid gland.

Solid growths on the joints of the fingers can indicate the development of osteoprosis femoral or knee joints.

Swelling or increase in size of hands may occur due to the development of benign pituitary tumors. Occurs in men and women after 45 years, but fatal results are rare.

Constantly red palms say about the disruption of the liver – this may be a sign of cirrhosis or hepatitis.


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