Doctors suggested can high blood pressure drink cocoa

Медики подсказали, можно ли гипертоникам пить какао

Cocoa acts on the body as a natural antidepressant.Doctors from the University clinic of Cologne conducted a study and proved that consumption of cocoa is one of the best ways to fight high blood pressure.

In the experiment, volunteers were divided into two groups. People first include in your diet products with high cocoa content. A second group of prescribed medicines from hypertension. According to the results of the study, researchers reported that the volunteers from the first team ceased to complain of increased pressure.

The doctors said that the results of the experiment it is possible to propose a new hypothesis that consumption of cocoa reduces the risk of heart attack or stroke by 10-20%. The fact that it contains flavonoids, which stimulate blood circulation. These ingredients cleanse the body of toxins.

If you decide to treat high blood pressure with cocoa, choose foods without sugar to control the amount of glucose in the body.

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