Doctors suggested which beverage may protect against Parkinson’s disease

Врачи подсказали, какой напиток может  защитить от болезни Паркинсона

It contains two components, protects from the destruction of brain neurons. Scientists came to the conclusion that in the treatment of Parkinson’s disease helps coffee. If consumed regularly, it leads to a significant risk that a person will develop a neurodegenerative disease.

A cure for Parkinson’s, researchers believe the interaction of caffeine and eicosanol-5-hydroxytryptamine contained in coffee. For this, experiments were conducted on genetically modified mice.

They clearly showed that these two isolated from coffee substances may, acting in pairs, to act as medication in Parkinson’s disease.

Mice from the group that was added to food these components, already after six months showed better behavioral tests in comparison with the same sick individuals who did not receive them.

The most amazing scientists believe that individually none of these components of coffee no medicinal properties are not shown. Their amazing effectiveness lies only in “duet”.

Than to explain it, is still a mystery. However, the result is evident. Thus, according to the research, coffee has other components, which, as a pair can give good effect to protect the brain from Parkinson’s disease.

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