Doctors swap their smocks for brushes

Several dozen members of the Society of Physicians of the University of Sherbrooke (SMUS) put their shoulder to the wheel to give a second life to the park of the organization Family Hope. In addition to giving $ 10,000 to update the playground, the doctors gave their time Saturday to revamp the facilities.
The e President SMUS and doctor at the CHUS, Simon Bérubé, considers it important to volunteer. “It’s part of one of our missions. Every year, we raise money for a cause. It’s a beautiful social solidarity organization, “says Dr. Bérubé.

“It’s one thing to give money, but it’s only part of the job,” he says. Our skills are not here, but we can still provide some work to the team. If the company comes with eight guys, it’s sure it’s not the same as when you’re 40. We’re going to do a lot more with the contribution of time. ”

The tasks are multiple for doctors who have moved to the Ascot area to give their time. “We pick up leaves, we paint the equipment that is already in place, we help build the playground and we help to clean for the opening of the field of Family Hope,” says Dr. Bérubé.

In the past years, SMUS has often given for school perseverance. Rarely have doctors come out on the ground to scrape leaves or to strip a children’s slide.

“In the last 10 years, donations that were made were less suitable for physical work, says Simon Bérubé. When we saw that, we thought that $ 10,000 is a lot, but it is quickly spent at the same time. We wanted to bring that money further. ”

Not just the doctors

Several trades were gathered to help the body. In addition to sourcing materials from suppliers, Vincent Vincent’s owner, Vincent Matthon, gathered employees and volunteered. “It’s good to do your part in the community. I boarded trying to do them for free. The suppliers boarded by giving their time. My employees are proud of the company and have decided to embark for free too, “smiles Mr. Matthon.

For his part, the director of the Famille Espoir organization, Guy Boucher, is happy to see his facilities modernize. “We’ve been working in the neighborhood for years and we still had some outdated game modules. It will allow children to play in a safe and stimulating environment. It’s a nice gift for the community, “he says.

The doctors did not ask too much to participate in this special day. “It’s the difference between human beings and organizational structures. Behind these structures that can look heavy, there are human beings. We see it today, “he summarizes.

In addition to this game module, the body has seen its walls repainted. “There are almost 60 volunteers today and we had some work to do. They embarked and we had a gift of painting, “rejoices Mr. Boucher.

In addition, a vertical garden will allow young and old to learn how to grow vegetables. “There are several projects. The vertical kitchen garden is being built. This garden will serve this year, but also in the next years. It’s a way to learn how to grow vegetables, learn as a family while having fun, “says Boucher.

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