Doctors told about the diagnosis of diseases of the hand

Медики рассказали о диагностике заболеваний по рукам

The human hand can tell a lot about him.

Doctors called the disease, determine which is possible for human hands. Though many do not pay attention to this nuance, is able to accelerate the diagnosis, according to the with reference to the news of Yu.

As told by experts, often sweaty palms may be one of the main signs of hyperthyroidism. Often the problem is seen in women, but experts in this case, it is recommended to check the thyroid gland. If your palms are constantly red, it is possible that in humans there are failures in the liver, presence of cirrhosis or hepatitis.

When a person has blue fingertips and the nail plate, it indicates a lack of oxygen in your blood and the violation of its circulation. In this case it is better to visit a cardiologist because the symptom may indicate cardiovascular diseases.

If the joints of the fingers appeared solid growths, does not exclude the development of osteoporosis, and benign tumor of the pituitary gland provokes swelling of the palms.


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