Doctors told about the first signs of asthma

Медики рассказали о первых признаках астмы

Asthma symptoms that cannot be ignoredin exacerbations of asthma lack of timely assistance could end in a very sad way. Experts called asthma symptoms that cannot be ignored, writes the with reference on healthinfo.

Fatigue. Chronic insomnia and fatigue associated with the risk of developing heart problems and diabetes, but some experts also suggest that it could worsen the course of asthma. But because the asthmatics who experience poor quality sleep and constant fatigue, in any case can not part with special medicines in case of acute attacks of the disease.

Yawning. If you suddenly began to take deep breaths or yawn, it means that the body requires more oxygen. Perhaps, in order to bring more carbon dioxide. These efforts are our bodies are taking to restore the balance violated air passages. Theoretically, it can precede an asthma attack.

Prolonged cough. Most often, the cough is considered a manifestation of a cold or bronchitis. But if it persists for a long period, it may indicate the development of asthma, which was not even diagnosed. Never ignore a long persistent cough.

Allergy to cats. More than half of all asthma cases associated with allergies. The researchers found that cat allergens implicated in the development 30% of all cases of asthma. Unfortunately, asthma have to be especially careful when dealing with these wonderful animals.


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