Doctors told how mother’s education affects the duration of a child’s life

Медики рассказали, как образование матери влияет на продолжительность жизни ребенка

The research has established a clear correlation.

Researchers from Germany set: the duration of a child’s life is affected by the education of his mother. The children of women who have studied in other educational institutions in addition to school, live longer by almost two years, showed their work.

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About this scientists discovered regularities reported on the website of the German Institute for economic research in Berlin. The project experts have analyzed information on more than 3 thousand women and their children.

The research has established a clear correlation: the higher the education level of the mother, the more the average life expectancy of the child.

“Children who grow up in families where the mother has secondary education, live almost two years longer than those children whose mothers have only completed primary school or have no education,” the researchers noted.

Speaking of the factors supporting the above-mentioned pattern, the scientists pointed to the fact that women who are educated are more likely to have high-paying jobs and, consequently, their children are provided with a standard of living conducive to a longer life. Statistically, children from families with more educated parents are more likely to accept healthy habits and less likely to suffer from harmful addictions.

At the same time scientists have not found evidence of the influence of the level of mother’s education on the mental health of the child, although researchers were convinced initially that this correlation exists.


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