Doctors told how to deal with heartburn during pregnancy

Медики подсказали, как бороться с изжогой во время беременности

You must avoid eating really cold foods. Such a happy time like pregnancy is often accompanied by certain unpleasant symptoms, which the woman in “interesting position” somehow we have to resolve, reports the with reference to

Some future moms are faced with morning sickness, others suffer from constipation. A considerable number of women expecting a baby, you have to deal with this problem is heartburn. Experts give on this unpleasant condition a specific set of tips to be followed by pregnant women.

What you need to know about picadientes in “interesting position”, the woman must pay particular attention to your diet. Foods should be boiled, and it is better to put out or they can be cooked in a double boiler. When cooking fish and meat low fat baking these products can be performed, but it is not necessary to bring this process until nice and brown.

You must avoid eating really cold foods. Also, do not eat cooked food that is very hot. Heartburn, often appearing pregnant, is usually one of exacerbations of such diseases as gastritis. With this ailment a woman should cook meals in water or steamed, and then wipe the prepared dish. It is best to avoid for themselves the unpleasant consequences of use of food in semi-liquid form or cook them into a puree.

Preferred productionline heartburn helps to prevent and the adoption of certain measures aimed at reducing the load on the system the digestive tract. Here is main recommendation from doctors for pregnant women is to include in your diet foods that are easily digested by the stomach, it does not overload other digestive tract. Such products include dairy products with low fat content. The same list gets a soft-boiled egg and sweet fruits, berries, which have a non-coarse fiber.

During pregnancy to less likely to encounter heartburn, you should include in your diet products, the digestion of which no is released in large quantity of hydrochloric acid. In order to be so, it is necessary that your diet present alkaline mineral water without gas. You can also use this drink like cocoa but not strong. You can include in your diet milk and cream. Does not increase the production of hydrochloric acid and sour cottage cheese and weak tea with a sweet taste. In addition to the woman in “interesting position”, which has a high risk of heartburn should be consumed cauliflower and make mashed potatoes from different vegetables. And useful are the soups, especially those made from cereals and vegetables.

Combating heartburn involves the use of products, the main effect of which is to efficient excretion of bile. You need to know about what foods offered in supermarkets, have a powerful choleretic action. Among them include vegetable oil. Especially valuable in this respect is olive.

There is for pregnant effect have and vegetables containing large amounts of fiber. These include beets, carrots and broccoli. The necessity of regular removal of gall bladder formed of bile directly to the intestine, due to the fact that in this case precluded it from entering the stomach. If she can get there, then at some point she can get into the esophagus and cause development of this condition is heartburn.

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