Doctors told how to get rid of feelings of sadness and melancholy in the spring

Медики рассказали, как избавиться от чувства грусти и хандры весной

Experts told how to gather strength after the winter.

Every year we look forward to spring. But, waiting, surprised to note that to enjoy the warm and Sunny days don’t always work. No strength no emotions, no to work, even on vacation they are not enough. It would seem every reason for elation is evident. But nature awakens, and we fall asleep, reports the with reference for Today.

What is happening to us?

Experts call seasonal lack of energy deficiency of vital energy, or asthenic depression. Moreover, to the beat of the oppressed state of mind, our appearance is also poor: dull, dry skin, dull hair and brittle nails. The reasons are known to everyone: long winter, short daylight hours, lack of vitamins.

How to regain lost vitality?

Fill the deficiency of vitamins

The worst enemy of vitamins. In overwintered vegetables and fruits is not so much. To replenish dwindling stocks, every day for one or two spring months should take one tablet a complex preparation containing multivitamins and minerals.

But do not buy over the counter complexes with “shock” doses (the name of such multi-vitamins are usually added the words “stress” or “stress”). Such severe vitamin “artillery” will not reveal, but rather to suppress your own immune capability.

Eat more fruits and vegetables, add in food bran, not too many sweet and flour dishes, choose bread made from wheat flour.

Do water treatments

Of great importance is the contact with water. Shower in the morning and evening, swimming pool, a sauna, a wonderful relieves stress.

Move morein the Spring than ever it is important the concept of “in moderation.” Spring load must be physiological. Jogging, stationary bike, swimming, walking, dancing. But with strength training you need to be careful. If you try to remove severe mental strain and strong physical, you can “break” and get seriously ill.

The best recipe for morning exercise. 15 minutes of mild exercise gives a charge of vivacity for the whole day.

Eat a full

In your diet should be vitamins and fiber (fresh fruits and vegetables), proteins (fish, cheese, soy products), carbohydrates (bread, potatoes, pasta), fats (vegetable oil).

Take time to relax

If you have 1-2 weeks to relax, then take advantage of it! How to spend a vacation – you decide. Only relax exactly as you want, compulsions.

Plan your days

Nothing takes as much force as a mess. Build down in order of importance, so you can easily perceive the situation when something does not have time to finish. Intended to be implemented and the time left? Great, go and get some rest. And in any case do not go for the plan the next day!

Do not focus on troubles

Follow the rule of Scarlett O’hara: “I’ll think about it tomorrow!”.

Look for the positive emotions

Make your leisure time more varied and exciting. Interesting books, theatre, exhibitions, concerts, cinema, meeting with friends. Anything, just not sad lying on the sofa.

Indulge in a dream

8-9 hours of sleep will win any Blues. Do not pull the evening before the near-unconscious, go to sleep early.

Many walk

Use every opportunity to stay in the fresh air. Walk a few stops, get some fresh air at lunchtime. Weekend spend actively, and better for the city.

Indulge yourself

Just don’t get carried away with delicious food. A small piece of cake, or better yet a piece of good dark chocolate for a mood will fit, but know the measure. It is better to indulge in new clothes or cosmetics.

Take care of yourself

Haircut, manicure, massage, a trip to a beauty salon, sessions in the Solarium. Take care of your appearance, and the mirror will lift your spirits.

Go to herbal teas

Herbal teas and can add to health and strength. Medicinal plants regulate metabolism. Try it for 5-6 weeks to replace the morning tea and coffee with herbal decoction. Do not put sugar, it is better dissolve a teaspoon of honey. Herbal preparations are sold in pharmacies. For a correct choice of medicinal plants to consult with your doctor.


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