Doctors told what is the use of fruit juices for the heart and blood vessels

Медики рассказали, в чем польза фруктовых соков для сердца и сосудов

The results of the latest research. Regular consumption of fruit juices may protect against the development of diseases of heart and vessels, – to such conclusion came the Dutch scientists. In particular, the effect of preventing cardiovascular diseases gives drinking one glass of juice per day, reports the with reference to

In recent times fruit juice has been much criticised because of the high content of sugar. However, a study conducted by the National Institute of public health and environment, University Medical center Utrecht and the Hague University of applied Sciences, has allowed scientists to conclude that the consumption of fruit juice can protect against the occurrence of dangerous disorders associated with the heart.

The experts analyzed health information about 34.5 thousand people aged from 20 to 69 years, gathered over 14 years. In examining the array of information experts drew attention to the impact of regular consumption of fruit juice on the cardiovascular system of the body.

“Those people who drank up to 7 glasses of fruit juice a week was recorded to reduce the risk of stroke, coronary heart disease,” stated the authors of the project.

According to experts, to improve the functions of heart and vessels can contribute to contained in the juices of antioxidants. According to them, the content of antioxidants in some kinds of juices after pasteurization increases, and the concentration of vitamins and minerals little inferior to their content in fresh vegetables and fruits.


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