Doctors told, who better to refuse kefir

Врачи рассказали, кому лучше отказаться от кефира

This drink has its contraindications.

This milk product is considered mandatory in a healthy diet. But is it really helpful to drink kefir? First of all, tell the doctors, contraindication to the use of this product is hypersensitivity, reports the with reference to 24apteka.

In addition, the yogurt can spoil the health of people with high acidity of gastric juice (this product itself contains acid) and other stomach problems.

“Yogurt can not drink with the digestive diseases such as ulcers, gastritis, pancreatitis and also in the case of reflux disease, including heartburn,” warned medical professionals.

Fans of extreme methods of weight loss like different diets one yogurt doctors strongly advise not to practice kefir mono-diet in order to lose weight. In this case, the body faces a deficit of nutrients, as contained in the yogurt enough to sustain good health.

Ways to lose weight by eating only one yogurt can lead to reduced immunity and metabolism, said the scientists.

Also yogurt can be undesirable for people with kidney problems. In renal failure extra protein load of junk, and yogurt is a rich source of protein.

Finally, for all the yogurt harmful in the stale. This product increases the pathogenic flora, and in the worst case, the beverage can lead to serious poisoning.

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