Docu-reality: the family life after love is in the meadow

Canal Vie will feature a new docu-reality to fall back on-screen the farmers who have found a soul mate in The love is in the meadow.

Entitled, The family is in the field, the series of 10 episodes will follow these farmers in their daily farm, with their family and with all the challenges that this entails.

The show, which will be filmed this summer, will air Thursdays at 19: 30 p.m. starting October 8.


Four couples who were trained in seasons 2, 3 and 5 have confirmed their participation.

We can find Jerome Dion and Jessyca Bédard, and their five children, Luc Deschênes and Melissa Private, and their four children, Ludovic Villeneuve and Jennifer Lessard, and their three children, and Gabriel Picard and Clara Choquette.

Couples that have impressed viewers with their stories, their sincerity, and, for some, their outspokenness. Couples strong, inspiring and who have large families with several children.

We will follow them in their daily lives with all the management surrounding the bearing of the life of the farm and their family lives, and one will discover if they have changed.

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