Documentary on Planète+: abused nuns speak out

Documentary on Planet+: abused nuns speak out


Abused by churchmen for many years, nuns speak out for a rare time in a Planet+ documentary. 

Broadcast on Fridays September 23 and 30, the two-part documentary Abused Nuns, the other scandal of the Catholic Church gives voice to sisters who have been sexually assaulted by confreres.

Directed by Marie-Pierre Raimbault and Éric Quintin, the documentary breaks the omerta imposed by the Vatican and gives way to the victims who testify with an open heart about their intimate tragedy.

The directors have obtained testimonies few mother superiors or men of the Church, including a close friend of Pope Francis – who recognized the attacks on nuns in 2019 – engaged in the fight against this s sexual assault. It explores the physical and psychological domination of certain manipulative and abusive priests.

The documentary airs Friday, September 23 and 30, at 9 p.m.