Dog rescued after living with coyotes for months

Dog rescued after living with coyotes for months< /p> UPDATE DAY

A dog was rescued after spending months in the desert with coyotes near Las Vegas, Nevada. 

The white dog had been spotted in the Las Vegas suburb of Henderson, alongside his unappreciated new friends, FOX 5 Vegas reported.

He had likely been abandoned in the desert when he was a puppy and the coyotes would have adopted him as one of their own.

“It looks like he was abandoned there at seven or eight months old and somehow the coyotes accepted him,” said Susan McMullen, a member of the trapping team at the southern Nevada.

The dog, named Ghost, first appeared on social media in July. Whenever someone spotted him, he would report it on a neighborhood group. As its name suggests, it disappeared whenever the locals tried to approach.

Ms. McMullen decided to save it when she noticed the animal was injured.

“He was running and eating with them, but then he started limping, and we were worried that by limping the coyotes might turn on him,” McMullen explained.

After several days, the rescue group finally managed to catch him, thanks to a cage full of food.

Despite the fact that he's spent months in the desert with coyotes, Ghost is as human-friendly as can be.

“He's the sweetest, most loving dog, he comes to us and asks to be caressed, he wants to be in our arms,” added was one of the members of the rescue team.