Doing homework using artificial intelligence, really?

Doing homework using artificial intelligence, really?


On the Reddit site, we learn that children have used OpenAI's artificial intelligence (AI) to do their homework. But according to the opinion of many, it is a very bad idea, even the equivalent of cheating, even the OpenAI system shares this opinion.

Kids on Reddit shared how they used OpenAI's Playground system to get perfect grades on their homework. It's no secret, but when someone asked OpenAi what they thought of how it was used in this cheating system in school, the system actually showed some pretty good arguments against its own use.

A word about OpenAI Playground, it is an AI learning platform that allows users to create and train AI models. It is often used by researchers and developers to experiment with new AI models and applications. Now that the children have understood, they use it for dollars also to do the homework of other students, it seems.

Ignorance and cheating

To the question “explain the moral and social issues of using AI to do homework”. OpenAi's answer is very clear.

“They may not learn the material as well as they could. This could lead to problems along the way when they are supposed to know the material for exams or real-world applications. Also, using AI to do homework could lead to cheating. » 

Getting perfect grades

A student writes on Reddit that the artificial intelligence allows him to have “A” in their essays, find answers to the professor's questions and even make 100 dollars doing the homework of other classmates, not to mention the fact of being highly regarded by them.

Others have highlighted the lack of insight of teachers who are given perfect work by some students while awarding them A grades while the latter plateaued with Ds or Cs the previous week.

Towards an AI-led future

The same OpenAI Playground system predicts that “this could lead to a future where humans are no longer needed to do things like homework and where the AI ​​will take care of everything. This could have a major impact on society, as it would likely lead to large-scale unemployment and a decrease in the quality of life for many people. The impact on education will be major and would probably lead to a decrease in the need for human teachers.”

On the other hand, the same AI adds that his programs would free up a lot of time for people who use it. are using.

In addition to giving unfair advantages, the moral implications are of great importance and should be considered today.