Doing useful work to give meaning to your life | VIVA MEDIA

Doing useful work to give meaning to your life |  VIVA MEDIA

In December 2016, Anne-France Boyer was the victim of a serious road accident. Doctors’ prognoses are then pessimistic; it won’t work for a year. Determined, the 26-year-old defied medical advice and walked 6 months later. The accident, of which she was the victim, leaves her with the feeling that life no longer wanted her. Never mind! ” You do not want me anymore? I will be even more present and alive ”. She then questioned herself as to what made her happy and her response came as a revelation; she would help people in need.

Anne-France Boyer-Legault posing in front of the donations intended for one of the 5 families chosen by her organization for Christmas 2020. In the basement of the young woman, we can find 4 other food places with an approximate value of $ 800 each.

In September 2016, Anne-France Boyer Legault began to collect donations in anticipation of helping 10 families the following year. Eventually, she will manage to help 12 families that year. In addition to her contribution for the Christmas baskets that she distributes to previously chosen families, the woman also undertakes to collect donations during the year in anticipation of being able to help disaster victims or families in need who appeal to she.

Note that the first year of the launch of the organization Annoue s’ide, the founder faced several storms in her personal life. The pain linked to her accident, the resignation to not being able to exercise her profession as a specialized educator with a clientele presenting serious behavioral disorders, her endless disputes with the SAAQ and the suicide of his father. “I didn’t feel good at anything anymore. Better for my job, better for functioning without physical limitation, and not good enough to make my father want to stay alive. I was completely lost. I thought to myself that there was one thing I looked good at and that was helping others. Once again, my body allowed me to hold on and hang on, ”says Anne-France, crying.

With emotion, the young woman resumes her story by explaining that her body has literally given meaning to her life. Moreover, by her own admission, she devotes nearly 100 hours a week to it. She is always there when people ask for her help. For her, food misery does not occur only during the holiday season, but throughout the year. Thus, it offers food assistance up to its capabilities and the donations it has in reserve.

This year, helped for the first time by an involved team, Anne-France Boyer Legault will offer 5 families the equivalent of 3 months of groceries. “From the start, I had the help of my family, without whom nothing would have been possible. Now I am surrounded by Benoit Guérin, Kellyane Totunov and Lyna Auclair Larocque.

This is an approximate total of $ 800 of various items that will be given to each of the families. Note that this year, Anne-France has set up a sponsorship system allowing donors to buy a gift of up to $ 30 for a previously chosen child.

How to help the organization?

Every other Tuesday evening, Anne-France Boyer and her team go to people’s homes to collect empty cans. Furthermore, Annoue helps collects food as well as monetary donations throughout the year. “What would I wish for the organization? That people give it credibility, that they have confidence in what we do and that they also have confidence in the fact that everything that comes into my organization, is dedicated to it. I also dream of finding a room where I could store the goods because I would like to recover my basement ”.









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