Dominican: the opposition candidate claimed victory in the presidential

Dominicaine: le candidat d’opposition revendique la victoire à la présidentielle

Saint-Domingue | the candidate of The revolutionary Party in modern (opposition) Luis Abinader has claimed victory in the presidential election of Sunday in the Dominican Republic, while the official results of the partial the place in the head of the poll.

“We won, we win today, but we never forget to whom we owe this victory,” said Luis Abinader, a business man of 52 years old, in front of dozens of supporters gathered at its headquarters in campaign in Saint-Domingue.

Mr. Abinader has obtained 53,11% of the vote, according to ballots counted in more than half of the 17 100 polling stations, announced the central electoral Commission (JCE).

His opponent, Gonzalo Castillo, 59 years old, the candidate of the Party of the liberation dominican (LDP, centre-left), the formation of the outgoing president, Danilo Medina, has not yet expressed. He gets 37.09% of the vote, according to the JCE.

On the 11th of June, Luis Abinader was announced to have contracted the Covid-19, but has healed in the meantime.

After the announcement of the final results, if no candidate gets 51% of the votes, a second round will take place on July 26. A success, Mr. Abinader would put an end to 16 years of reign without sharing it with the LDP.

In addition to their president, the 7.5 million voters dominicans were called to elect their vice-president and the two houses of Parliament.

The elections in this Caribbean country very dependent on tourism were held against the backdrop of an explosion in the number of cases of new coronavirus.

On Saturday, the authorities had recorded 1 036 new cases, the highest increase daily since the beginning of the pandemic in the country at the beginning of march.

To date, the authorities have identified 36.184 case of Covid-19 for 786 deaths.

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