Dominique Anglade application to Walmart back on the “user fees “unacceptable”

Dominique Anglade demande à Walmart de reculer sur les «frais inacceptables»

The decision of Walmart to impose “user fees” unacceptable ” to its suppliers may cause failure in the chain, is afraid of the head of the liberal Dominique Anglade, who asks the giant of the detail back.

“It’s going to cause a number of bankruptcies. We talk about family businesses, mothers, fathers who will lose their jobs, then we are trying to think of an economic recovery, ” said Ms. Anglade in an interview with The Journal.

She is particularly shocked at the time chosen by Walmart. While processors and producers are affected by the pandemic and are seeing their production costs increase, the multinational company, which remained open during the containment, just to weaken it further.

Quebec most affected

Walmart Canada last week announced investments of $ 3.5 billion in its stores and its web site. The company intends, however, to pay its suppliers for such investments, by reducing their payments of 1.25 % and 6.25 % for sales online, reported the daily Press.

Are “very important” in a sector where profit margins are ” very low “, stressed Ms. Anglade. She made an observation disturbing : the province of Quebec will be particularly affected by this decision ” one-sided “, because the province contains a lot of small businesses, and more fragile.

In his opinion, a strong reaction of the political class and the economic sector could roll back Walmart Canada.

On the government side Legault, the minister of Agriculture, André Lamontagne, says he is “disappointed” by the decision of Walmart in a written communication sent to the Log.

“Farmers and processors in quebec are going through a difficult period and we would like the companies present on the territory of québec shall take into account in their decision,” said Simon Bachand, head of communications at the office of Mr. Lamontagne.

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