Don Quixote of the revolution

Don Quichotte de la révolution

Watching the sad spectacle of the vandalism of the statues and monuments that occurred recently everywhere in the West, I suddenly thought of Don Quixote and the windmills that he took for giants.

I am not without enter the origin of the feeling which animates these ” warriors of social justice “, but I nevertheless remains puzzled in front of these Don Quixote of the revolution. While it is certainly noble to want to liberate the oppressed, criticize the injustice and right the wrongs of the past ; if it is indeed the own of the youth and to dedicate the energy of their revolts to build a better world than the one in which she was born, I find it highly counter-productive that it just take it out on the monuments. She prefers to wallow in the struggle futile against windmills, instead of trying to really understand the history behind these statues and the evolution of the path on which we move forward, and battalions, always.

Never forget

Shaving history has never healed the wounds or repaired the faults and injustices. This is a very old reflex that threaten the collective memory for imposing a new will to the multitude and let it happen, it is prefer oblivion to the knowledge of the causes and consequences of our choices in time. It is condemn us, as the story goes, to the ceaseless repetition.

I understand the desire not to see some of his figures are particularly controversial in our panorama daily, but you need to understand that these statues are also attached to the life and history of a lot of people. This is why even the most horrible characters should not be forgotten, because forgetting Macdonald, it is necessarily to mention Riel. The monuments are used to tell us, of course, but also to remind us of what we had one day pushed us up and where we never again want to spend.

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