Donald Trump admits to regret “often” tweets

Donald Trump admet regretter «souvent» ses tweets

The us president, Donald Trump has admitted in an interview that aired Friday that he regretted “often” his tweets, but mostly his retweets.

In an interview with the founder of the blog, sport and culture, popular Barstool Sports-Dave Portnoy, the president has indicated that he “loves” to use Twitter, “sometimes even too much,” touting its ability to switch in addition to the media that he described as fake news.

He acknowledged, however, that he regretted some of his posts too quickly.

“Before, we wrote a letter and said: “This letter is really bad.” And we left it on our desk. Then, the next day, we said: “Oh, I’m glad not to have sent it”,” said Trump.

“But it’s not like that with Twitter. It publishes instantly, it feels good, then it gets calls,” related the president, who has 84 million subscribers on Twitter.

According to him, these are his retweets that place the most often in a delicate position, rather than his own tweets.

“You see something that seems well and you do surveys, you do notes not there precisely on a helmet, which is in miniature. I’ve noticed that these are almost always the retweets that will put you in trouble,” said the american president.

Donald Trump has a long list of tweets or retweets controversial. For example, he recently shared a video in which you can hear one of his supporters shout “white power” (power White). The president has subsequently deleted his tweet and the White House said that Trump had not heard the remark racist before publishing its message.

Several have also been severely criticized by a message from the president in the wake of the riots following the death of George Floyd in the United States. He had then written: “When the looting starts, the shooting leave”, a phrase used by a chief of police in Miami during the protests of the civil Rights movement.

In June, Twitter has posted a tweet to the president for “glorification of violence” and did not rule out the possibility of suspending the account of the american president.

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