Donald Trump and the White suburbs

Donald Trump et les Blancs des banlieues

To fill the gap more and more important that separates it from the democratic candidate in the recent polls, the president is leading the charge where he beat Hillary Clinton by a slight margin in 2016: the white suburbs.

It seems to me rather obvious that if he wants a second term in office, Donald Trump could not hope to reverse the trend with minorities. Hispanics and Blacks support Joe Biden so overwhelming and there was no point in wasting money and time from these two constituencies for election.

If you also consider that the electorate, women will turn once more to the side democrat, the republicans will be forced to stretch the electorate-white, especially in the suburbs. In some States, it is this electorate which explains the surprise victory of 2016. Small problem on the horizon, however: a recent poll indicates that Joe Biden has also built a solid lead of 25 points.

What is the plan of attack to regain the favour of the electorate crucial? Return a strategy for which the chairman does not get tired: to instill fear and to reassure them by deploying an arsenal of measures to protect the “beautiful suburbs in the u.s.” fall prey to the attacks of the demonstrators of all kinds. Elect a democrat president would be to encourage the chaos.

What is emphasized less in this call for the protection of the suburbs is that several of the proposed measures encourage racial segregation. According to Donald Trump, elect Joe Biden is the equivalent of bringing back the policies of the Obama era, which were designed to facilitate the access to the property of the black community.

The approach of the president is not subtle and it takes us back at least 60 years back. The Whites are threatened by the end of the segregation. A vote for Trump becomes a vote to preserve the social fabric.

The strategists of the republican campaign that embraces this strategy would have any interest to continue their research and to search the reasons why the white suburbs abandon now their candidate.

Why vote Biden rather than Trump, this time? Jurisdiction and question of racial. The former vice president is perceived as more capable to fight against the COVID-19, and as more skilled to alleviate the racial tensions.

Donald Trump does not like him to create slogans, eye-catching and vivid images that mark the voters, but it seems that his attitude in the face of the spread of the COVID-19 is now his Achilles heel. None of its slogans has no effect on this, and I understand his stubbornness in repeating that the virus goes away by itself.

His advisers will they be able to convince him to change his speech in anticipation of the final sprint of the campaign? He only needs a little more than three months to hope for good news, while the number of cases increases and as the population is concerned.

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