Donald Trump awaited in front of his followers in Arizona

Donald Trump expected in front of his followers in Arizona


Former US President Donald Trump will hold a meeting in Arizona on Saturday evening, an opportunity for him to repeat, in front of a conquered public, his criticisms of his successor Joe Biden and his allegations not proven fraudulent in the 2020 elections. 

After forgoing a press conference he wanted to hold on January 6, the first anniversary of his supporters' deadly assault on the US Capitol, this time he will face a sympathetic crowd.

“Many topics will be discussed,” he said in a statement on Friday, announcing his intention to reiterate his unsubstantiated allegations of alleged massive fraud in the November 2020 presidential election, but also to talk about Afghanistan, inflation “and many other” files.

“There will be a lot of people and it will also be broadcast on TV. See you Saturday night! “, he concluded.

Participating in the event will be Kari Lake, candidate for the office of governor of Arizona, to whom Donald Trump has given his support and who has affirmed in the past that she would not have certified Joe Biden's victory in this key state if she had been in office at that time.

The very Trumpist CEO of the company MyPillow, Mike Lindell, who spent millions in the effort to overturn the election, will also be there.

Donald Trump retains great influence in the party Republican, many of whose elected officials who want to keep their seats in the next elections wish to benefit from his dubbing and therefore often subscribe to conspiracy theories suggesting that the presidential election has been stolen — or at least do not openly deny them.

< p>The meeting in Florence, a rural town southeast of the state capital, Phoenix, will be the billionaire's first with a sizeable audience since October, and the turnout could give an idea of ​​his popularity with Republican voters.

Donald Trump, banned from Twitter and who since his departure from the White House preferred to intervene on ultra-conservative media and committed to his cause, gave an interview on Tuesday to public radio NPR.

After recommending that Americans get vaccinated against Covid-19 — a politically sensitive issue in the United States — he cut the interview short when the reporter questioned his unsubstantiated claims of presidential fraud.

Its meeting will also take place 24 hours after the announcement of the abandonment, by a major television service, of the pro-Trump channel One America News Network (OAN).< /p>

The former president repeatedly advised his supporters s to turn to this ultra-conservative and conspiratorial channel, which tries to compete with Fox News among the right-wing electorate.

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