Donald Trump in Tulsa: autopsy of a disaster

Donald Trump à Tulsa: autopsie d’une catastrophe

Trump was keen to strike a blow for his first rally since march. Tulsa was a flop of monumental, which his campaign could not recover.

Last week, the prospects of re-election of Donald Trump were in the hot water and the president wished to score a great blow for the official start of his campaign with a huge rally supporter. The idea seemed a good one: to hold a large rally in a State recognized for its support of the concrete to the republican Party and Donald Trump. As say the Americans, “What could possibly go wrong?” The answer came on Saturday night in Tulsa: it All went wrong. The official start of the campaign, Trump has proven to be a monumental flop.

A campaign to the point of death

The need to strike a great blow was obvious. Last week, the polls were ruthless, even in key States, the campaign to Trump believed earned in advance. The actions of the president and the failures of the organization of his campaign amplified this feeling of helplessness. The campaign Trump beat permanently to the wing. Two judgments of the supreme Court adverse to the position of Trump and its gone conservatives are also come to exacerbate this confusion.

He had to do something. The campaign had decided to hold his first rally in Tulsa on the 19th of June. First tile : on The 19th of June, Juneteenth, is a date symbolically crucial for the minority afro-american because it marks the anniversary of the effective end of slavery. Trump, who was unaware of this anniversary, has had to backtrack and move the rally the next day. Second tile: Tulsa was the site in 1921 of one of the racist incidents, the most violent and murderous history of the United States. In the current context, it was another blow to the protest movement anti-racist, which guaranteed that they would be present for mass demonstrations against the gathering of Trump.

Expectations stratospheric, two types of the virus

Taking the first rally in a stronghold in the republican (Oklahoma has voted 65% for Trump in 2016, compared to 29% for Hillary Clinton), the campaign was thought to play it safe. It guaranteed a packed stadium and huge crowds of supporters in the streets who would join the party in default to be able to enter the amphitheater BOK, which can accommodate nearly 20,000 people. This was without counting on the devastating effect of two types of viruses.

First, there was the sars coronavirus. All the competent authorities of public health have warned Trump that a rally interior in a region where the pandemic is in progress would be an ideal vector for the COVID-19. That’s not a problem, the campaign has decided to forge ahead, in spite of everything, (but to sign a declaration of non-responsibility to the participants, just in case). The risk was enormous, and we can see the results in two weeks, if the virus was present in the arena.

A few days before the rally, the campaign of Trump was not on the ground. There were nearly one million requests for tickets. And we set-up a huge stage outside to accommodate the tens of thousands of supporters who would be turned away at the doors of the arena.

The problem is that the campaign has been the victim of a campaign “viral” on the Internet about young teens who have passed the word on Instagram and Tik Tok to get as many tickets as they could to get the campaign, thus creating expectations stratospheric among the members of the campaign organisation, which are taken as lovers.

Even the forecasts of violence on the part of the contremanifestants of Black Lives Matter, which could have been used to support the arguments of Trump, have not proven to be. Other setbacks.

A rallying anemic, and a speech pathetic

The images of the rally on Saturday night were devastating for Trump. The outdoor event was cancelled and we had to disassemble the embarrassing scene in disaster when the crowd scattered giving a lunar aspect to the surroundings of the arena. According to the authorities of Tulsa, hardly 6200 people took place in the centre of the BOK, and despite the efforts of the organisers put the crowd in favour lying to the cameras of tv, the president—for which the size of the crowds who idolize is paramount—was fulminating against his team before going on stage in a terrible mood.

This was followed by a speech from river to two hours where Donald Trump has taken the same cassette worn out his campaign of 2016 by linking the attacks against all of its favorite targets. But when it is the president himself, this kind of rant against the system sounds wrong.

The highlight of the evening: a sketch pathetic fifteen minutes when Donald Trump sought to defend themselves against those who have dared to say that his performance weakness at West Point the previous week was a sign of his failing health. The cheering crowd went so far as to explode in admiration when he demonstrated his ability to drink a glass of water with one hand.

Among the other passages controversial, there is the one where Trump says that as the large number of tests for the COVID-19 leads to a multiplication of the known cases that make it look bad, he asked his helpers to reduce the number of tests. Even if his team was quick to say that he joked, it was difficult, for once, not to believe what he was saying.

No wonder that Donald Trump had mine completely dépitée upon his arrival at the White House later that evening. The beginning of his campaign was a total flop and he knew it too well.

Hardware in gold for his opponents

We have not yet heard of the disaster of Tulsa. Groups opposed to Donald Trump was quick to produce ads that will have unquestionably the effect of thrown the chair for a good stretch of time and bring it to commit other errors.

For example, a group up here marginal, Find a Clear Truth, has produced this montage assassin, viewed over eight million times already, which ends with the sentence: “Biden. He’s not a whiny b*tch“, which we might translate generosity : “Biden is not a bitch brailleuse”.

For its part, the group Project Lincoln, led by former strategists republicans doomed to defeat Trump, continues to produce commercials that are knocking briskly on the sensitive points of the president. Tulsa gave him the hardware in gold. Here is a broadcast Sunday. Note how the image zooms in on the hands of Trump, while the narrator says “smaller than expected”. Knowing how the president is sensitive to the mention of the size of his hands and of certain other physical attributes, it hurts.

And here is another one, released on Monday, which turns the iron in the wound by contrasting the triumphalism of the president before the rally, with its air vexed in his return to Washington.

A tomorrow that déchantent

On Sunday, the president retreated into his apartment, probably wearied by the shock of the bide that will weigh heavy on the shoulders. When he came out of his silence, it was to resume his standard litany of bragging and promotion of conspiracy theories, not to mention one of his favorite topics, the risk of fraud associated with the ballot (as all serious research on the subject qualify as tiny).

This reaction give rise to a campaign of increasingly aggressive on the part of Trump and other gestures, such as the dismissal of the federal prosecutor of Manhattan and the transformation apparent Voice of America a propaganda trumpiste, are raising concerns about an intensification of authoritarian trends of Trump.

Well, we’ll see where it will lead, but for the moment the weakness of the campaign of Trump is more than ever exposed to the great day and with every effort it will be to try to reverse the risk of turning against him.

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