Donald Trump is afraid

Donald Trump a peur

Donald Trump has the gift as a person to throw oil on the fire.

As the protests have spread to dozens of american cities, he who calls the police to shoot the protesters that he likens to grave robbers. Nothing to calm down the game.

He does not wish a word to denounce the injustice and inequality which have reached record levels in the United States. Why ? Because he represents himself, the monstrous economic inequality, which is spread without complex in his country.

Trump is afraid

But the bottom line is that Donald Trump is afraid. He has fear like the majority of Americans who live in the cities. It has actually strengthen the walls of the White House with three rows of police officers.

Trump has scared, like when he hastily leaves press conferences, where journalists ‘ questions become too difficult.

This fear assails also the police officers, who in some cities patrolled by the dozens on the streets of the poor neighborhoods. At the slightest alarm, they pull on the people who ventured out on their porch, despite the curfew.

During this time, journalists are bravely their business. But, surprise, here is that journalists get arrested or shot by us cops.

Protesters attack journalists of FOX news or break through the entrance of the offices of CNN.

Trump, with the force of an insult to the media and designate them as ” enemies of the people “, has encouraged people to take on the journalists, who are just doing their job.

They also start to fear.

The fear is spreading

The Americans who can seclude themselves in areas closed where you cannot penetrate, in theory, with access codes. The children play in the quiet streets of these neighborhoods where the citizens find themselves among the rich.

Why these neighborhoods grow-they like mushrooms since tens of years ? Because Americans are afraid.

This fear is installed in the depths of american policy. As the filmmaker Michael Moore was well explained in the film Bowling for Columbine, the policies on guns are motivated by fear. Whether it is the COVID-19, economic problems or riots, everything is an excuse to buy guns, to reassure himself.

The paradox is that Donald Trump, who is the scaredy-cat in-chief, tries to frighten his opponents, republicans, democrats or other.

How long are the American poor, American minorities and American middle classes will continue to be afraid ? It is perhaps here the fear supreme Trump : as a part of the american population stops being afraid of it. To be afraid of him and the officers around him.

The events of the last days show the glimmers of a new courage.

The courage of anger.

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