Donald Trump is “unfit” to govern the United States, according to his ex-advisor John Bolton

Donald Trump est «inapte» à gouverner les États-Unis, selon son ex-conseiller John Bolton

John Bolton was known for his positions va-t-en-war diplomacy. But the ex-national security adviser, Donald Trump just dropped a bomb on the american political scene that makes a definitive break of this sovereigntist gathering with the president of the United States.

Since he was sacked in September by billionaire republican because of their disagreements over foreign policy, the Washington wondered about his intentions: would he really settle his accounts?

As early as January, in the trial by impeachment of Donald Trump, first passages from the book had leaked, sending the thesis to the heart of the charge of abuse of power, a market that the president would have wanted to impose to Ukraine to help it discredit his opponents democrats.

The Senate, controlled by his republican, was finally acquitted.

Trump is “unfit”

But then he had not testified during the proceedings of the impeachment, the attacks of the adviser to the thick white moustache go well beyond that in his book, “The Room” Where It Happened ” (The room where it happened), to be published Tuesday.

After the “good sheets” published in the press, there is depicted a Donald Trump not very intelligent, fascinated by the autocrats and obsessed with his re-election in November, at the risk of endangering the sacrosanct national security of the United States.

In short, “unfit” to chair the first world power.

Then he had all spared until then, the ex-real estate mogul has exploded.

“Sick “, ” stupid “, ” fool “, ” incompetent “… The insults coming fast and furious since Wednesday evening on the Twitter account of the presidential. “It has been said that good to me until the day I fired him “, he pestered in ironisant on this ” stupid, boring geezer who only wanted to trigger a war “.

Donald Trump is not the only one to criticize John Bolton, whose book seems to confirm the high esteem he has of himself.

If democrats are upset by attempts to “censure” of the government, which wants to block the publication of the book, they also denounce the comfortable position of an adviser who has remained silent as long as he had a position advantage, and has refused to testify under oath before the House of representatives.

Detestation of multilateralism

Between the impetuous president, and the irrepressible diplomat, the marriage was flawed from its appointment in march 2018.

The two men are united by a strong sovereignty and a detestation common of multilateralism.

“America First “, the slogan of the president, is made to appeal to John Bolton, 71 years of age, convinced of long-standing that it is necessary to put America first, and to denounce international organizations that seek to encroach on its national prerogatives.

The lawyer with the fine glasses metal does not hide all the evil he thinks of international justice and the UN, where he made himself known during a passage hectic as ambassador of the United States in 2005-2006 under president George W. Bush.

A sentence remained famous 1994 summarizes this disdain: the united Nations headquarters in New York has 38 storeys, said he, ” if it lost ten, it would make no difference. “

With this unilateralism exacerbated, and his comments as a columnist on Fox News a popular president, he ended by winning the strategic position of which he dreamed, adviser to the national security.

But this hawk soon found himself in an overhang with a pan of the policy trumpiste.

Advisor va-t-en-war of a president who does not want to make war, it has struggled to conceal his irritation when the ex-business man claimed to negotiate with the north Korean leader, Kim Jong A, or with the taliban in Afghanistan, or when he said he was ready for dialogue with Iran.

The sides of the neo-cons John Bolton was one of the architects of the invasion of Iraq in 2003. He is a proponent of preemptive wars, while Donald Trump believes that America cannot be the policeman of the world and, in many situations, must disengage.

Before you even dismiss him unceremoniously, Donald Trump made no secret of not growing tensions.

“He was of the opinion relied on a lot of subjects but it is OK. In fact, I the quiet, which is really incredible,” ironisait it a year ago.

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