Donald Trump offers his mediation in a confrontation, border, India, China

Donald Trump offre sa médiation dans une confrontation frontalière Inde-Chine

WASHINGTON | us president Donald Trump has offered Wednesday to mediate in a confrontation between armed chinese and indian in the border areas contested in the Himalayas.

Soldiers of the two asian giants are engaged in several face-to-face tense along some 3 500 kilometres of their common border, mainly in the high altitude region of Ladakh (north of India).

“We have informed India and China that the United States is ready, willing and able to do a mediation, or to arbitrate their dispute, a border that is currently raging,” said Donald Trump on Twitter.

According to security sources the indian, hundreds of chinese soldiers, have invested a sector in Ladakh and is considered by New Delhi as a part of its territory, that challenges the China.

Two weeks ago, in the region of Sikkim (east India), the military of the two nations have also been injured in clashes with fists and stones in another border area. No new violence has been reported since.

Mr. Trump had offered last year to mediate between India and Pakistan about the region of disputed Kashmir. New Delhi, which considers this subject as a bilateral issue, had firmly rejected this initiative.

Last week, Alice Wells, head of South Asia at u.s. department of State, has interpreted the confrontation as a sign that China is seeking to disrupt the regional balance and called to “resist” to this thrust.

In 2017, the indian soldiers and the chinese have spent 72 days to confront eye-to-eye on a plateau himalayan strategic region of Bhutan. Talks had led to a disengagement of military from both parties.

India and China have several territorial disputes, in the areas of Ladakh (western) and Arunachal Pradesh (east). The two countries clashed in a war-a flash in 1962, which had seen the indian soldiers quickly defeated by the chinese troops.

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