Donald trump suddenly appreciated her hairstyle

The American leader Donald trump jokingly said those who criticize his hair

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Дональд Трамп неожиданно оценил свою прическу

Donald Trump

The US President Donald trump, who recently caught in a scandal video with Melania, suddenly appreciated his hair, speaking to supporters in North Carolina. The American head of state regretted that the venue for the event isn’t big enough, because he has “a huge audience”. He said that for the sake of performing in a more convenient place he was willing to stand in the rain and wet your hair.

“It’s my hair. Maybe they don’t really, but I will say that they are better than most of my friends of the same age”, – quotes the words of Donald trump edition of the Hill.

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Hairstyle current leader, the United States has long been a subject of discussion for social media users. Many thought that it was a wig, but at one TV show leading with the permission policy has ruffle his hair, proving thus that they are real.

Earlier “Today” I wrote, both on the face and hair of trump noticed a crawling beetle. It is also worth noting that Donald trump is wrong sometimes in microblogs. One of the most famous incidents occurred in 2017, when his page, there was a mysterious inscription “Despite the constant negative covfefe in the press.” The tweet was in the tape of the President a few hours, after which they were removed.

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Дональд Трамп неожиданно оценил свою прическу

Дональд Трамп неожиданно оценил свою прическу

Дональд Трамп неожиданно оценил свою прическу


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