Donald Trump trial: who is Stormy Daniels, the X-rated actress involved in the case targeting the former American President ?

Donald Trump trial: who is Stormy Daniels, the X-rated actress involved in the case targeting the former American President ?

Selon Stormy Daniels, Donald Trump et elle auraient eu une relation sexuelle en 2006. MAXPPP – JEENAH MOON/POOL

Former star of the pornographic industry, Stormy Daniels is engaged in an unprecedented trial against the former president of the United States for the affair of hidden payments.

This Monday, April 15, in New York, an unprecedented trial opened in which Donald Trump and Stormy Daniels, a former adult film actress.

In 2018, Stephanie Clifford, her real name, told the story in her bookFull Disclosure being neglected by her family and sexually abused at age nine by an older man. At a very young age, she turned to striptease and starred in porn films. Married five times, she is the mother of a little girl born in 2011, reveals The Dispatch.

A consensual sexual relationship ?

It was in 2006 that the actress crossed paths with Donald Trump during a golf tournament in Nevada. At that time, the billionaire had just had a little boy with his current wife, Melania. According to Stormy Daniels, the man who would be elected President of the United States 10 years later noticed him and invited him to dinner. "I think that&rsquo ;we shared a real mutual curiosity for the 'business' of our respective lives", she explains in the’show 60 minutes in 2018. When he arrives, he asks her to join him in his suite, where he welcomes her dressed in silk pajamas. According to her, the two had a sexual relationship. He firmly denies it.

Also according to the actress, they remained in contact for 18 months, and Donald Trump promised to include her in the casting of his reality show , The Celebrity Apprentice. A promise ultimately broken. What is proven is that Stormy Daniels received 130,000 dollars, just before the 2016 presidential election, in order to keep silent about her one-night stand with the billionaire. And it is precisely this payment from Donald Trump which is at the heart of the trial.

In her documentary she explains: "when I came out of the bathroom and Trump was there in his underwear, so sure of him, I remembered thinking "but damn, how did I get into this"? I felt misled, duped". Nevertheless, even if she was not attracted to Trump on that famous evening in 2006, the actress refuses to be described as a victim. "I do I said over and over again, it was in no way rape, but I didn't say no because quite simply, I had the impression of being raped. be nine years old again".

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