Donald Trump, troll-in-chief

Donald Trump, troll en chef

The week that is ending has been marked by a series of dramatic events. The recent tragedy in Minnesota and the riots, which continued on to Minneapolis, and in several american cities this night only add to the concerns related to the outbreak of COVID-19 and the economic impact devastating.

When it says hot, it is difficult to resist the temptation to be particularly pessimistic. The american power is in decline, more isolated than ever on the international scene and torn by a multitude of internal conflicts.

While our neighbours to the South needed a leader, convener, and positive, they must rely on leaders locally since the White House throne the troll-in-chief. Rather than address the entire Nation in this troubled period, the american president does think that his supporters behaving like the worst of them (no, they are not all).

The Office québécois of the French language offers this definition of the troll of the internet : “a Person who publishes persistent messages deliberately inflammatory on the Internet in order to raise controversies and to upset the balance of a given community.”

You know a better description of the use of Twitter and Facebook by Donald Trump? Since his entry into the election campaign of 2015, it has relayed a number of times, the worst of the conspiracy theories. Very popular on platforms unsavory, he was given a voice and a huge power to those who were working up there in the shade or in the margin.

This week, the president has “exceeded” and it has forced the hand of the leaders of Twitter. Not only has he conveyed joking on voting by correspondence and accused of killing an animator on the tv that he does not appreciate, but last night he outright called for violence.

Champion of the diversion, Donald Trump knows how to raise controversies to divert the spotlight of the real problems. If it was only to play with the media, it would already be a lesser evil. Where the vase is overflowing, that is when it behaves as an incendiary.

I avoided a long list of all the irresponsible declarations that apply only to the division and encourage hatred in order to concentrate on its more recent. In response to the riots, the president said : “…when the looting starts, the shooting starts”. One could translate by : when the looting starts, it opens fire. Twitter intervened in the half hour that followed. The formula used reminds one of that of the mayor of Miami in 1967. This declaration was initiated race riots.

Nobody is going to deny that the riots of yesterday cannot be tolerated. One does not put a city on fire and bag. The mayor of the city and the governor, both democrats, to manage a situation particularly volatile on a background of confrontation of racial. The president is generally the one that, while providing the support of the federal forces, called for calm.

It is not expected for a long time with a measured response on the part of Donald Trump. For disgraceful as they are, the riots can be explained once more by the nausea of the black community. The statistics don’t lie to support their outrage.

You have studied recently the statistics regarding minorities, particularly the black minority? A complex situation, but marked with the seal of the discrimination. The police are too often placed in a position where they are asked to solve a problem that is a matter of economy, of policy or of social programmes.

Faced with the inaction or failure of many decision makers, it is the police officers that we find in the news. Too often, they are trapped and, I have to admit, some of them will slip seriously, as it seems to be the case in Minnesota.

This presidency has on many occasions put to the test the limits of presidential power, in all ways possible. This week it is rather the limits of freedom of expression which is tested. The president is there a troll among others? Can he say or do anything he wants?

If the voters will respond in November, there will be still a place for theoretical debates and once again the answers will affect the potential successors of Donald Trump. Because there will be.

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