Donald Trump's Christmas present

Christmas gift from Donald Trump

MISE & Agrave; DAY

As we head into another Christmas disrupted by COVID, I am looking for the positive all over the place. As I continued my coverage of American news, I found some solace where I least expected it, or more; the words of Donald Trump.

I'm half kidding, but twice since last weekend the 45th president has encouraged his fellow citizens to get vaccinated. Even Joe Biden has pointed out that he at least now has something in common with his former opponent.

I gave up trying to understand the reasoning of the former glory of reality TV. Usually, it only acts according to its image and possible financial gains. It has been a constant in the way he has conducted his business for decades.

It is to say the least astonishing to see him go in the opposite direction of his supporters, some booed him, or of the politicians who stick close to him hoping to be also touched by his grace. Many politicians oppose the measures proposed by experts and public health to gain benefits from certain groups of voters. If the stakes of the health crisis weren't so high, I would smile when I saw their reactions to Trump's comments.

Not only did Trump confront his supporters and some of his party members, he even took the liberty of correcting Fox News' Candace Owens by reminding him that the death toll is low among those who have received the vaccine. A little more and one would believe in a miracle!

The fight against the pandemic has taken such an intense political turn in the United States that I am happy to be delighted by the simple fact that Donald Trump recognizes the effectiveness vaccines that we started production during his presidency.

I do not know if the influential Republican acts thus to reduce the share of responsibility of his administration in the number of deaths since the start of the crisis (more than 800,000 in total), or if he is looking once again more to distract us as the noose tightens around him in the courts or in the House of Representatives, but the fact remains that his contribution is desirable.

The end of Another difficult year is approaching for our American neighbors and it is sometimes very difficult to reserve for my assessment glimmers of light on the horizon. I know they are tested by the difficulties of the economic recovery or the vigor of the new variant, worried about the paralysis of their political institutions and very divided or, worse, worried about the fate of their democracy.

It is therefore with a touch of skepticism, but also a sincere suspicion of gratitude, that I welcome the contribution of the 45th president to the fight to curb the spread of the virus. As the challenges of 2022 promise to be titanic, I will not shy away from this little ray of hope.

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