Donald Trump's collection: correspondence with King Charles III published without his permission

Donald Trump's Compendium: A correspondence with King Charles III published without his permission


Former US President Donald Trump is due to publish a book of personal correspondence on Tuesday, which would contain in particular a letter from King Charles III for which the monarch would not have given his agreement.  

The letter, believed to have been written in 1995, is said to thank the former US president who then allegedly offered King Charles III, previously Prince of Wales, an honorary membership in her Mar-a-Lago club in Florida, even expressing a desire to come and visit her, The Telegraph reported on Sunday. 

He would have, in passing, wished success to Donald Trump, formerly a real estate developer, inviting him to come and visit the Institute of Architecture in London. 

But the king would not have given his permission, according to what the British media has learned. He would not, however, be the only member of the royal family whose private correspondence should be revealed on Tuesday in the collection. 

Indeed, an exchange between Princess Diana and the wealthy businessman, during which she would thank the latter for flowers sent for his birthday, would be dated July 3, 1997, only a few weeks before his tragic death. < /p>

“They are truly beautiful and I am deeply touched that you thought of me in this special way,” she reportedly wrote, according to the British outlet. 

The book by correspondence should also contain exchanges with Russian President Vladimir Putin in 2013, a few years before the election of Donald Trump as head of the United States, about a Miss Universe pageant transported to Moscow. 

In response to the good news, Putin reportedly replied that he hoped attendees of the event would leave with fond memories of the Russian capital. 

“It's a pity that we did not manage to have our meeting, but I hope that we will be able to speak to each other during one of your next visits to Russia”, he would have added.