Don’t believe the rumors: TOP 5 absurd myths about the iPhone

Users often are mistaken regarding the use of the iPhone – we will dispel these myths

Evgeniy Opanasenko

Today, 09:05

Не верьте слухам: ТОП-5 абсурдных мифов об iPhone

IPhone true and what is false – we tried to understand

Despite the huge popularity of iPhone worldwide, a huge number of users of this smartphone still believe all the myths that have long been disproved. Also want to switch from Android to iPhone, also suffer from a bias and many rumors, which prevent them to use a mobile device.

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Often, these myths, if not cause mobile harm, just do not bring any benefit, taking extra time and resources of the user. We decided to dispel five popular myths about the iPhone, which is to stop believing in 2019.

Closing apps saves battery power

Не верьте слухам: ТОП-5 абсурдных мифов об iPhone

Apple iOS app in the background does not consume battery power

This myth is directly moved from Android where this issue really is, though Google is trying to fix it from year to year. Apple has designed iOS is completely different. Thanks to the efficient work of the operating system, the battery consumption of the applications running in the background, is not more than from closed. Furthermore, unloading a program from memory, the smartphone spends more energy on their second run. The verdict is simple: don’t close apps in the background, the benefits of this no.

Delete photos iPhone speeds

Не верьте слухам: ТОП-5 абсурдных мифов об iPhone

But this myth has some truth

Apple made reservations for iOS several gigabytes in the storage of your iPhone, which is more than enough for stable work of the operating system. So even if you delete from your phone all photos, videos, apps, it won’t work faster. But this myth has some truth. The next time you update the firmware will require more space on internal storage – in this case, delete unnecessary files can really be helpful, if the memory is Packed tight.

On the iPhone it is necessary to clear the cache

Не верьте слухам: ТОП-5 абсурдных мифов об iPhone

The cache does not slow down your iPhone

Another popular misconception regarding the iPhone – cleaning the cache, after which, allegedly, the smartphone starts to run faster. Caching is very useful for applications feature: it allows applications to run faster by storing certain data. For example, the browser’s cached text, images, and video for fast access when reloading the page. These data do not slow down iPhone, but rather allow you to view them in offline mode, accelerate the loading of web pages and save bandwidth.

Charging from the iPad will “kill” the iPhone

Не верьте слухам: ТОП-5 абсурдных мифов об iPhone

Charging iPad iPhone will not cause harm
Using a more powerful charger, for example, from the iPad, the iPhone will not cause harm. Apple has long provided such a method, therefore, has equipped in the charger special controllers that do not allow them to charge faster than allow their batteries. So we can safely use the charger from iPad – it will not harm your iPhone.

Apps help extend the autonomy

Не верьте слухам: ТОП-5 абсурдных мифов об iPhone

Battery Saver is actually a useless program

Surely you are not just faced with applications such as Battery Saver that promise to optimize the performance of your iPhone and thus increase its battery life. Of course, all this is nonsense. iOS is designed so that no third party application is not able to get into his file system, for there is something to optimize. And, judging by how well iOS 12, nothing further to improve, especially with the help of third-party developers, you don’t need.

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Не верьте слухам: ТОП-5 абсурдных мифов об iPhone

Не верьте слухам: ТОП-5 абсурдных мифов об iPhone

Не верьте слухам: ТОП-5 абсурдных мифов об iPhone


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