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Don't Miss: Back-to-School Novels

&Not to be missed: back-to-school novels


As every year, European publishers do not hesitate to spoil us with novels. See for yourself.

The choice 

Viola Ardone, Éditions Albin Michel

We're really not the only ones who loved The children's train, the first novel translated into French by the Italian Viola Ardone. This little new one was therefore highly anticipated and according to what we can understand, it also combines fiction and history. The heroine, Oliva Denaro, lives in a village in Sicily where young girls of her age still have to respect certain ancestral laws. We may be in the 1960s, but some of them are downright horrifying and Oliva will do everything to avoid having to submit to them.

► Just released in bookstores

Beneath the roses

Olivier Adam, Éditions Flammarion

In this new Olivier Adam, there will be a funeral. That of a father who had three children: Claire, Antoine and Paul. For all we know, only two of them will attend the funeral before going to their mother, who lives in a small suburban house. The perfect opportunity to criticize their absent brother, who would have been a little too inspired by their family to make films and write plays.

► Release scheduled for bookstores on August 25 < /strong>

The summer when everything melted

Tiffany McDaniel, Gallmeister Editions

This is young Tiffany McDaniel's first novel, the one she wrote before Betty– which notably won the Prix des libraires du Québec. It also takes place in the state of Ohio, in Breathed this time. There, a prosecutor will have the curious idea of ​​publishing an ad in which he will invite the devil himself to come and visit them. The Devil apparently reads the newspaper since the next day, a young black man with strange green eyes will appear claiming to be none other than the devil. True ? Not true ? To find out, you'll have to wait a few more days… 

► Release scheduled for bookstores on August 31

Dear asshole< /em>

Virginie Despentes, Grasset Editions

Five and a half years after the release of the third and final part of the turbulent saga Vernon Subutex, the French Virginie Despentes is finally back. This time with an epistolary novel, which will be at the antipodes of Letters to a young poet by Rilke or Literary circle of lovers of potato peelingsby Annie Borrows. With a title like Dear asshole, it could not be otherwise. And we are promised surprising exchanges between three individuals who would never have thought of becoming friends one day. 

► Release scheduled for bookstores on September 7 


Jonathan Franzen, Editions de l'Olivier

Since < em>Corrections Jonathan Franzen really doesn't need to be introduced anymore. That's why we'll just add that with Crossroads, he signs his sixth novel. And that if we trust the opinion of our English-speaking colleagues, this is a little gem at the heart of which the Hildebrandt family is agitated.

A mini summary? Pastor in a liberal church in the suburbs, the father is seriously considering ending his marriage. Too bad for his three children, who will soon cause him a lot of trouble. 

► Release planned in bookstores around mid-November

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