Don’t shoot the messenger

Ne tirez pas sur le messager

When the courses re-start in Quebec, in the fall, I hope that the benefits of the journalists Kariane Bourassa and Yves Poirier, live events antimasques, will be shown in journalism schools.

The two reporters of VAT have managed to keep their calm in front of attempts at intimidation, yelling, name-calling, harassment, assault, shooting, object, and even hugs forced.

But more broadly, it should show these two reports in all the secondary schools, cegeps and universities of Quebec to raise awareness among young people a fundamental principle in democracy : the freedom of the press. This is not because you don’t like what it was in the news that you need to take it to the one who’ll receive this news.


As if she had not already suffered enough by being surrounded by two goons who have violated his privacy (in addition to putting his health at risk), Kariane Bourassa was faced with two rumors disgusting on… the sewers social.

Of the type not class have suggested that one of the men on the pictures was the boyfriend of the journalist (and that this was all a set up to undermine the credibility of the antimasques).

And other morons not class have suggested that the two men were in fact agents of the security or body guards of VAT. These two pieces of information are not only false, they are terribly defamatory.

But for some brainless rampant on the web, it is sufficient that their chum cap has written on Facebook for it to be true. They report on fake news of the mass media… but are ready to believe any idle tales not verified if it is written in their small screen, on the page on Facebook of their ” community “.

Decidedly, the antimasques count in their ranks a great variety of mads. Instead of doing an examination of conscience, asking themselves why their two events have given rise to such blunders, they still persist in their conspiracy theory on the common refrain : “The media are in the pay of the new world order sponsored by Bill Gates for inventing a “plandémie” and compel us to vaccinate and we insert chips 5G in the nose, with the complicity of Big Pharma “.

It’s still weird : for people who report constantly “sheep-ostriches” who follow the herd without asking questions and do not want to see the truth, I find that the antimasques are not evil “moutruches” themselves when the time comes to imagine conspiracies journalistic…


To my eyes, the attempts of intimidation of Yves Poirier and Kariane Bourassa are as serious as the other and as unacceptable as the other. This is why I feel a certain unease when I see some of our feminists defend Kariane passing completely over in silence what has been inflicted on Yves.

Because this is a guy, it’s less “serious” ? Is this not, exactly, the definition of sexism ? It’s funny how some women in Quebec have the indignation to variable geometry.

Intimidate your pet would be less objectionable than intimidate Kitty

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