“Don’t you afraid I’ll see”: shameless Panin took my daughter to see naked men

"Не боюсь, что увидит": бесстыжий Панин привел дочь к голым мужчинам

The scandalous Russian actor Alexey Panin admitted that he drives his daughter to nudist beaches. At the same time, he’s not worried that the girl would see him naked.

About this Panin said in a broadcast on NSN.

Recently, on the personal page in social network Instagram Alexey Panin has posted a series of photos in which he poses with an unknown blonde with no clothes on. Papanika the actor knows that the publication of such photos is a common thing for Panin. The public has long is not surprised by the extravagant actions of the kicker. Besides personal photos, he also posted a page of images of naked John Lennon and Yoko Ono.

"Не боюсь, что увидит": бесстыжий Панин привел дочь к голым мужчинам

“I’m not afraid that my daughter will see it. She, like many other children, goes with us to a Nude beach, like most people and children throughout the civilized world,” – said Panin infamous.

Alexey Panin added that live all over the world. However, in Russia the situation is radically different.

“If in Russia people live with blinders, the world people live differently. Both in Finland and in Germany, children go with their parents naked in the bath. What’s the problem? In Spain you say in the store Ola, they all smile. And in our country, unfortunately, you see people with unhappy faces. And it is not clear why. My daughter is a normal, educated man. Her dad does not stick in the head some false postulates, some x …. If you traced my Instagram earlier, you would have noticed that these photos were more. We live it,” – said the actor.

"Не боюсь, что увидит": бесстыжий Панин привел дочь к голым мужчинам

Alexey Panin

Previously, Panin noted that 18 years was the only nudist bathing on nudist beaches. From the first civil wife Yulia Udintseva Panin has a daughter Anna, which was discussed in the program.

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Recall that Panin has told, how together with Hitler invaded Europe and admitted hatred of Russia.

As previously reported, “Know.ia”, Panin respown about a terrible grief.

The portal also “Know.Eeyore” wrote that Panin showed a one-way ticket.


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