“Don’t you want your life ended”: Freimut admitted, why do not like to fall asleep

"Не хочу, чтоб жизнь заканчивалась": Фреймут призналась, почему не любит засыпать

Olga Freimut

Ukrainian TV presenter Olga Freimut very often pleases fans not only fresh staff of life, but also life sentences, stories from the past and motivational quotes, which she signed every photo. This time Olga has shared with followers on the social network Facebook that does not want to over and sees the good in every detail.

— I just don’t want dwellers life zakonchilsya. I obonyo moranco I smell kawi. The axis today Franz tremula Valeriya…

Geplaatst door Olga Mykhailivna Lokotko op Zaterdag 6 april 2019

I just don’t want life to end. I love every morning and smell the coffee. This morning was holding Valeria in his hands, opened the new package of coffee, and we smelled it together. I love to read. Had previously read all in a row, and are now studying the author’s biography, look at his photo: intricate his eyes, or stupid, should read this? I love the job, interesting people … I love to live, that even to sleep I do not like: sorry, I’m afraid to miss something.” – says Olga.

"Не хочу, чтоб жизнь заканчивалась": Фреймут призналась, почему не любит засыпать

Olga Freimut

Ukrainians in the comments to Express their opinions on these speech Freimut: “I love to sleep. What does it mean?”, “Well, you’re right”, “Why the time passes so quickly…”, “I support the view that life is beautiful in every manifestation, in every moment. The smell of coffee is the smell of life that wakes up and promises to be bright…”

Also, Olga not so long ago shared the scenes from Italy.

Books, friends , Italy. Not Prime vtti – let them and on the day.

Geplaatst door Olga Mykhailivna Lokotko op Donderdag 4 april 2019

Books, friends, Italy. Sometimes it’s nice to escape, even for a day” – signed photo of the presenter.

We will remind that Olga Freimut came to school daughter in a transparent outfit.

Earlier Znayu reported that Freimut sneak reincarnated as Auditor and told where to buy in the Mazin or my hands.

Also, the portal Znayu wrote that the voucher for the first time openly told about the Botox and said that he could not afford it.


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