Dorofeeva admitted, why fly with my beautiful mother to a clinic in Spain: “the Disease always comes unexpectedly…”

Дорофеева призналась, зачем летала с красавицей-мамой в клинику в Испании: "Болезнь всегда приходит неожиданно..."

today, 17:42

Famous Ukrainian singer, soloist of group “Time and Glass” Nadia Dorofeeva delighted fans in a new Instagram post. A celebrity recently bragged to the new vloga finally telling why he and his mother Olga flew to Barcelona. As it turned out, the actress and her most beloved woman did not rest, and had a physical, Nadya also explained why it’s important to do everyone.

“The disease always comes unexpectedly. It is impossible to predict, to foresee, to prevent.
“For me it’s not going to happen,” is the motto of each of us, right ? After all, it is others may get into an accident, the other can Rob, others may detect an incurable disease. But not me, not my family! I’m sure many of you feel the same way. Subconsciously. This protective reflex. So life is easier, calmer. When I became Ambassador of the charity project #casecode and with @komarovmir we began to help children, I realized the extent of the problem: a lot of young, active sports people that eat right and exercise, suddenly sick. The worst – a dangerous disease begins without symptoms. Their samecase when it’s too late. And I, and you know it. But how to protect yourself?
In Europe this is absolutely normal practice, when perfectly healthy people once a year undergo a complete diagnosis from a to z. I have long been solved. You know, there’s some sort of barrier – scared to find out something terrible. Easier nadejatsja not know. We went very not in vain…”, – shared his emotions from the trip Dorofeeva.

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Earlier “Znayu” talked about the fact that Nadia Dorofeeva delighted fans very anxious the mother and Olga.

Dorofeeva and even posed for edition JetSetter in the bodily body and stylish vinyl emerald Cape. The actress admitted that it is now one of its most beloved filming.

Also Nadia gave concerts in Turkey, touring to different hotels and admitted that thus it is possible to combine work with pleasure, while the fifth concert in a row is hard.

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