Double the life of former son-in-law Pugacheva surfaced: a favorite of the Queen gave all

Двойная жизнь бывшего зятя Пугачевой всплыла на поверхность: любимец Королевой выдал все

Russian singer Vladimir Presnyakov

today, 12:29

Singer Natalia Podolskaya said that at first, Vladimir Presnyakov hid from her the fact that was married, reports channel “Mir 24”.

That Presnyakov when I met Podolsk, was married to the singer said Igor Nikolaev. Although, according to Podolsky, friends told her that the divorce between Presnyakov and his wife was already a matter of time.

However, to throw the singer from the head of Podolsk and could not — then she saw the Christmas room along with Presnyakov, Leonid Agutin and decided to call him. Since then, they spent five years in a civil marriage. To formalize their relationship, the couple decided only when Podolsky wanted to confess and take communion.

We remind that recently the father of Vladimir Presnyakov, Vladimir Presnyakov, Sr., was in the hospital with a heart attack.

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