Down with the masks!

Bas les masques!

The masks in the destination of Quebec as the chinese government retains in China under various pretexts, once again, demonstrate how much the China of Xi Jinping has become a bad economic and political partner. The case is not unique. The entire foreign policy of China is to drift.

Two things are amazing in this new. The first is that this story so in public. The second is that the chinese leaders persist in the diplomacy testy, in the face of not only Canada, but to all countries who refuse to bend to their wishes.

Scandalous Situation

The diplomats do not like the light. Their art flourished between colleagues, words measured, without too much to make waves. But comes a time when diplomacy is powerless. The temptation is very strong to reveal in the full light of day a scandalous situation.

And the situation is outrageous. The chinese government slows down the export of medical equipment to Quebec. Have or not have these masks may be a matter of life or death. It is not the latest toy.

However, it seems that the decision to stop the export of these masks was taken in a very high place, probably at the top of the government. Indeed, the whole of the exports to Canada and the United States is slowed down by checking suspicious.

The chinese government is a past master in the art to slow or stop the projects. A lot of companies that have negotiated in China know this well. Blocking masks for reasons of verification is part of the usual tactics of the chinese authorities.

Diplomacy testy

The law on the security of Hong Kong, the armed clashes on the sino-indian border, the military occupation of the south China sea, the tone preachy and aggressive many chinese ambassador, to take only these examples, reflect a disquieting turn in chinese foreign policy.

These days, a service of american intelligence reported that the marine corps of the chinese army is in full expansion. Within a few years, the marines chinese could be more numerous and better equipped than 85 000 United States marine. China is in the process of acquiring the opportunity to occupy militarily several places around the world. Convince enough of the smaller countries to obey him rather than to others.

This diplomacy testy bears the mark of Xi Jinping, a man very little educated, and of which the principal references to policy are the stupidities of the cultural Revolution.

In the early universe of the cultural Revolution, the Western world was one of the major sources of the woes of China. It was therefore necessary to remove his negative influence from chinese culture.

This is the program followed by Xi, who praises the alleged superiority of dictatorship in china.

In this context, retaining masks at their destination of Quebec returns to give a lesson to the barbarians who dare stand against the will of Xi, against the supposed superiority of the China. Sad arrogance.

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