Downgrades: Tesla Model 3 in China appeared in 21 times weaker than the US version

Tesla was deprived Model 3 advanced hardware, due to the outbreak of coronavirus and the failure of supplies of chips of a new generation

Evgeniy Opanasenko

Today, 10:45

New Tesla Gigafactory in Shanghai delivered the first batch of Model 3 for local customers. However, the outbreak of coronavirus forced the company to install the old equipment to Full Self-Driving due to the lack of supply. It is noteworthy that Tesla is modestly silent about it, but the owners found the fact of fraud on the part of the company Ilona Mask.

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Many technology companies suffered from the ongoing epidemic of coronavirus, and the problems reached to the cancellation of conferences and reduction in production. Virtually any company that depends on China or South Korea in the supply chain is experiencing delays and failures.

Now turn touched automakers such as Tesla, which has become the latest company to feel the negative impact of the epidemic of the coronavirus. According to a report by Nikkei Asian Review, the first batch of cars Model 3, produced at a plant in Shanghai, equipped with the older chip autopilot control.

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The problem became obvious when some Chinese Tesla owners found that the part number printed on the control unit of a recently purchased electric vehicle, it is not the number in the technical documentation. This means that their Model 3 did not receive the version 3.0 HW on the revolutionary chip Full Self-Driving (FSD) own the development of Tesla, which is 21 times faster than the previous generation. This circumstance prompted the owners to unite and sue Tesla for fraud.

Даунгрейд: Tesla Model 3 в Китае оказалась в 21 раз слабее версии для США

Fee of Full autopilot Self-Driving (FSD)

The automaker says that the new chips, which allow the autopilot to control turns, braking and acceleration in China is not enough, so the automaker decided to equip the cars of the previous generation HW 2.5 NVIDIA Drive PX 2. The company made a public apology on social Weibo and explained that upgrades new cars to HW 3.0, as soon as the new chips will become available in the region.

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The exact timing of the manufacturer did not specify, saying only that it will happen as soon as the supply will improve. That only owners of Tesla cars manufactured up to April 2019, among those who bought the option Full Self-Driving, still waiting for a promised free upgrade of the autopilot.

Earlier, BMW has changed its logo for the first time in 23 years. Also Renault has created an electric car-transformer with expandable battery.

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Даунгрейд: Tesla Model 3 в Китае оказалась в 21 раз слабее версии для США

Даунгрейд: Tesla Model 3 в Китае оказалась в 21 раз слабее версии для США

Даунгрейд: Tesla Model 3 в Китае оказалась в 21 раз слабее версии для США

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