Dr. Arruda wants to avoid another loss of control

Dr Arruda veut éviter une autre perte de contrôle

Horacio Arruda calls the Quebecers will start their vacation on Friday evening at the caution in their travels. “It is sure that the movement and mixing of populations is something of a concern “, he said in the early weeks of construction.

Dr. Arruda remains realistic with the beginning of the summer vacation. There will be cases, but what we need is to avoid the loss of control that Quebec has seen, for example, in the week of release.

“The week of spring break, the problem is that we didn’t have measures, we did not know that asymptomatic individuals could transmit the disease. But then, we know everything. […] The important thing will be the observance of the guidelines “, explained the director of public health during a passage in the Beauce region on Thursday.

Once again, these instructions can hardly surprise anyone. Respect to the distance of two meters, hand-washing, mask-wearing and limitation of the rallies will be the key, ” insists Mr. Arruda.

“If people have respect for it, we will be in business. But this, this is the scenario dreamt of “, he says, adding having a look forward to assess the impacts of the next few weeks.

“Yes, I have concerns. I look forward to seeing two weeks after the construction, or even 10 days after the beginning, what is it that happens in our numbers, ” admits the deputy minister of Health.

Quebec could get

If the sanitary measures are met, Dr. Arruda believes that Québec could draw a bit like during the reopening of schools.

“You remember, the people capotaient, they said that they were going to kill the children. But it was not the drama that we thought we would, ” recalls the doctor.

By contrast, people who have “two metres a little bit short,” place the population at risk.

“Of the cases, it will be. It is unthinkable to believe that nobody is going to make mistakes. There will be still people who die, but it should not be loss of control, ” asks the expert.

Not of containment summer

Despite these concerns, the director of public health says that there has never been a question of containment summer.

“We did still not prevent Quebecers to take a vacation “, lance-t-il, stating that it was impossible to imagine health care workers, for example, deprived of rest this summer.

Dr. Arruda will take him-even on vacation, at Quebec, in the coming days.

“I’ve already been to Morocco, and I was criticized, don’t think I’m going to go to the United States ! I stay in Quebec and I’ll be able to revert back quickly if something happens “, he pointed out, assuring that it would be the mask itself.

“Even if I am in an area where there is not a lot of cases. Because I don’t want to be the asymptomatic who will give it to someone else, and by respect for the other. “

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