Dr. Komorowski will save the baby Regina Todorenko

Доктор Комаровский будет спасать малыша Регины Тодоренко

Regina Todorenko, Glamour

today, 05:45

Popular Ukrainian TV presenter, singer and blogger Regina todorenko, who is married to Russian singer Vlad Topalov, often pleases fans of bright posts in his Instagram. This time the beautiful star shared with followers a sweet photo where she’s with her little son and told him about the new program.

Since then, as there was show Regina+1 I often write mothers and ask if you want to make a child’s vaccinations and how to treat, how to raise and so on. I’m still a young mother herself, so we decided together with @doctor_komarovskiy Dr. Komorowski, the most famous children’s doctor in the CIS, to conduct a joint live and try to answer not only these questions but also to talk about family, children, and just about life! Leave your questions directly below this post and 28 February at 14:00 Kyiv time, 15:00 Moscow time subscribe to our live broadcast! 😘 -Regina wrote in a note

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Recall, Vlad Topalov charmed anxious family shots with his wife and son

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As reported by the portal “Know.ia”, Regina in the caption spoke about a new show on Russian television, where he became a member of the jury

Also Know As.Eeyore” wrote that a stellar beauty has revealed a funny photo with the man began to kiss, and in the caption to the photo congratulated him on the Day of defender of the Fatherland

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