Dr. Marc Lacroix before the Disciplinary Board

Dr. Marc Lacroix before the disciplinary council


The hearing before the Disciplinary Council of the College of Physicians of Dr Marc Lacroix, who is facing nine ethical complaints, began on Monday by the plaintiff's testimony.

Openly opposing the wearing of a mandatory mask during the first wave of the pandemic in the spring 2020, Dr Lacroix, founder of private medical clinics Lacroix, had multiplied interviews at the CHOI radio X station, where he minimized the consequences of COVID. On his Facebook page, he had notably promoted a demonstration against the wearing of masks organized in July by the Foundation for the Defense of the Rights and Freedoms of the People of conspirator Stéphane Blais. 

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The first witness, the author of the complaint, Olivier Bolduc, first explained the elements that served as a “click” the filing of his private complaint, namely the interview that the doctor gave to host Jeff Fillion on May 11, 2020. According to the complainant, Dr. Lacroix seems to minimize the number of deaths in CHSLDs, in addition to talking about ” the need for part of the population of Quebec to expose themselves to the virus “. 

He referred to this excerpt from Dr. Lacroix's remarks on the air: ” On nous spoke of 132 new deaths over the weekend. Can someone confirm for me that these are really deaths directly related to COVID or if it was pneumonia or if it was influenza? We don't test them, people. 

According to Mr. Bolduc, “there was a discrepancy between what I was hearing from the mouth of the respondent and what was obviously going on in the CHSLDs,” he said in recalling that the army had come as reinforcements. Mr. Bolduc then requested an investigation from the College of Physicians, which led to an awareness-raising intervention with Dr. Lacroix. 

Statements on Facebook< /p>

Marc Lacroix's statements on Facebook in July 2020, including a post in which he calls former national public health director Horacio Arruda a “bouffon” and another promoting the demonstration against the mandatory mask in front of the National Assembly, convinced Mr. Bolduc to make a private complaint.

Olivier Bolduc was cross-examined on his involvement with Québec solidaire – he was a candidate for the party three times – and on the unfavorable opinion he might have of the private medical network in Québec. Dr. Lacroix will give his version of the facts on Tuesday.  

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