Draft law on the recovery of the economy: we do not split, says the government

Projet de loi sur la relance de l’économie: pas question de scinder, répond le gouvernement

The proposal to adopt only the elements of consensus on the draft law on the recovery of the economy has been rejected by the president of the treasury Board on Friday.

The Quebec liberal Party has proposed in the morning to split the bill 61 to a vote only on the “elements of a purely economic nature”. These concern, in particular the restoration and the suspension of evictions of trade, but also the accelerated payment to companies recommended by the Charbonneau commission.

“It will not take long to adjust, because we all get along on this issue”, summed up the liberal mna Gaétan Barrette.

But the president of the treasury Board, Christian Dubé, insists the opposition must adopt the principle of the bill and then discuss its articles. Therefore, no question of splitting the piece of legislation.

“Why would the liberal Party to decide what is important for the economy or not? request Mr. Dubé. If they want to discuss amendments, as we sit in a parliamentary committee.”

Christian Dubé argued that the measures taken separately are not enough to revive the economy.

Impasse in Quebec city

Bill 61 is in deadlock since yesterday evening. The opposition parties have blocked the continuation of the study of the piece of legislation. They fear that the government Legault has extensive powers, including in the awarding of contracts without tenders, and in the expropriation.

Quebec, for its part, argues that easing the rules would expedite the construction of 202 infrastructure projects.

Despite the impasse, the government Legault still refuses to use the gag for the adoption of its measures. The QLP provides that these are the health rules that prevent Quebec to summon the 125 mps to impose a gag order. The government says that this would be possible, but that it wishes to obtain the support of the opposition for adoption this spring.

Otherwise, the government Legault will adopt the piece of legislation next fall, using the gag to the need.

Lebel supports the bill

Ex-chief prosecutor of the Charbonneau commission, the minister of Justice Sonia Lebel reiterated his support for the bill 61 on Friday morning. However, his former colleague, the prosecutor, the deputy head of the commission, Denis Gallant, had expressed strong concerns at the beginning of the week. The monitoring committee of the recommendations of the Charbonneau commission is also worried about the return of corruption and collusion. The amendment to the article 50 on the award of contracts has not reassured the committee.

“There is a way to do it, to move projects forward, to shorten the process, to give it the agility necessary to make our economic recovery, while ensuring that the necessary safeguards to keep the integrity are in place,” she assured. And the main purpose of my presence and my message, this morning, that is to say: “It is done, we work, we are concerned, rest assured it will be done within the rules of art.””

More details will follow…

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