Dragons set fire to Mesbobettes.ca

Since the owner’s visit to the dragons, nearly three weeks ago, the Mesbobettes.ca website has not stopped.
“It’s a storm that hit us hard! “Says Sherbrooke businessman Philippe Vachon, still shocked by the impact of the season’s first episode of the show Dans l’oeil du dragon on the sales of his company.

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The owner of Mesbobettes.ca will be courting the Dragons

“On the very evening of the show’s broadcast, we shattered the sales record we had achieved on Black Friday. We had prepared ourselves. I suspected that my presentation would be broadcast. But we should have prepared even more. We ran out of time. ”

On April 18, Mr. Vachon was the first two-year-old Estrie entrepreneur to appear before the CBC investor dragons. Recall that he made a fly at the opening of the first issue of the seventh season by seducing two dragons, Caroline Néron and Pierre-Luc Archambault. They offered him $ 100,000 for 25 percent of his underwear company for men. This was a counter-offer because Mr. Vachon initially asked for $ 100,000 for 15 percent of the shareholding.

The show was shot on March 15th.

“We have new customers. A customer maybe older too. ”
– Philippe Vachon

The tsunami even taught him things he did not know about his business. “We were very close to the United States for our development. We thought we had toured Quebec. But I realized that there are still many markets that we do not know, “he told La Tribune.

“We have new customers. A customer maybe older too. ”

Orders have hardly declined. “It’s a nice problem! He says.

“We had to slow down the advertising. It’s hellish! We must deliver the orders. We were a little late. We want to ensure good customer service. If I knew it would continue like this, I could hire ten more people. ”

Philippe Vachon estimates April will be four times better than he had expected, even if only eleven days have elapsed between the broadcast of the episode and the end of the month. May will also be very strong in sales. “Even in stores, it’s almost double the sales in ordinary times,” he adds.

“We have to offer advice to customers. We were not used to that. ”

As for the agreement between him and the dragons Nero and Archambault, nothing is finalized. We are still diligently studying the company’s records, notes Mr. Vachon. The effervescence of sales occupied the time of the businessman. The contacts do not seem to have been frequent. Caroline Néron and Pierre-Luc Archambault also have a lot of occupations on their side, he says.

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