Drama “Cherkassy” inspired Evgeny Terekhov revelations about the annexation of Crimea

Драма "Черкассы" сподвигла Евгения Терехова на откровения об аннексии Крыма

The premiere of the drama “Cherkasy” in Kiev

today, 19:45

In Ukraine on 27 February will see the premiere of war drama “Cherkassy” based on real events. Director Timur Yaschenko took a crucial period in the history of Ukraine events 2014, when Russia annexed the Crimea.

In anticipation of the start of the film on the wide screen in the cinema “Kievan Rus” took place the official presentation of the project. Many Ukrainian celebrities came to watch the first “Cherkasy” and support crew tape.

Among the guests Ahtem Seitablaev, Oleg mykhailuta, Solomiya Vitvitskaya, Natalka Karpa, Yevgeniy Terekhov, Andrey Hlivnyuk.

Драма "Черкассы" сподвигла Евгения Терехова на откровения об аннексии Крыма

Roman Semisal, Ahtem Seitablaev, Eugene Terekhov

As admitted Znayu hero ATO Evgeny Terekhov, known as “Titan Jackson”, the film touched him to the core. He served in the Navy in the Crimea, and knows firsthand about the events shown in the “Cherkasy”. To our questions he answered, holding back emotions, since the subject touched him to the quick.

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“Former military does not happen, he said. – You know, even if attributed to a man, he is still a patriot, a warrior of his power. I’ll tell you more, urgent service I was in Sevastopol, I’m a sailor. So for me it’s all very, very, very… fully everything from jokes to seriousness. I remember events when in 2010 blew up the subway in Russia, then we in the Crimea was in combat mode, fully guarded the harbour. To some extent this fear felt then. But the guys on the ship that was different.”

Eugene noted that especially impressed by the ending of the movie.

“I’m in this war, buried 21 people, most relatives, and the ending is tremulous. To date, this is probably the best Ukrainian film. The actors are handsome! All! It is seen that each entered the role. I like the sailor watched it. It is quite another. The only thing I would add, all the legs were broken because of the Peterburg is the step when you walk into the cabin. There comes and Romans top. You stumble, and on top of my head are fighting”, – said Terekhov.

The film shows the harsh life of the sailors on the ship: not all eye-pleasing realities, but Terekhov confirms that it really was.

“Yes, the mechanic showed that he climbs – it’s a fact. Only in Ukrainian Navy, when I served in 2009-2010, the form was different – there flick of the wrist the pants into shorts to turn, but the film more than the Russian variant forms, rouhi because glass once stroked and six months can not be ironed”, – said hero of the ATO.

Драма "Черкассы" сподвигла Евгения Терехова на откровения об аннексии Крыма

The premiere of the drama “Cherkasy” in Kiev

Evgeny Terekhov is convinced that the film is must see because it is a part of our history.

“I know it firsthand, maybe not everything said in an interview. I talk and can say, good friends with Oleksandr V. Turchynov, and I know how it all happened, it is largely the truth revealed. We talked on these topics. I don’t think would have envied Alexander V. at the moment when the commanders is real: “Yes, we sneeze, our President there.” It is a fact, it was,” – said Eugene Terekhov.

He has his own answer to why some Ukrainians decided during the annexation of Crimea to betray his country and go to the enemy.

“Many Crimean Russian ethnics, which lives in the Crimea. I have many friends who stayed there still with my service. We still talked on the phone, I asked the question, why? He says: “And where? Who do I need? I don’t need my country”. When we conscript received 157 hryvnia, as a senior I got for 20 USD more, the Russians were already at 900-1000 UAH, which is near the wall stood. Showing tug of war – Yes, it was. We played football with the Russian bases. We are all there”, – said the adviser of Minister of internal Affairs.

Terekhov admitted that he had a few ranks in the service: “Senior diver, senior rigger, and in a sailor. I even ATO went, I had written in the military card “sailor”.

We will add that soon premiere of “Cherkasy” will be held in the city of Cherkassy, where, with the support of Cherkasy city Council Cherkasy regional state administration and the film crew will meet with the sailors who served on the minesweeper “Cherkasy” during the events of 2014.

A March 3 event will take place in Mariupol – the city in which is based tug “koretz”, which became the prototype of the sea trawler “Cherkassy” for filming.

The next day, March 4, the filmmakers arrive in Kiev.

Драма "Черкассы" сподвигла Евгения Терехова на откровения об аннексии Крыма

The premiere of the drama “Cherkasy” in Kiev

Film production Film service MKK (Ukraine) and Inter Media (Poland) created with the support of the State Agency of Ukraine for the movie, of the naval forces of Ukraine and other partners.

Distribution of the tape in Ukraine is performed by MMD and UA FILM.UA Distribution. FILM.UA Distribution is also responsible for the international distribution of the film.

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Earlier Znayu visited with members of the crew and the stars to a preview screening of “Vday” in the capital’s cinema “Oscar”, where Ales Romanova told about the most intimate moments during the filming.

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